Russian Hill

Russian Hill

The Neighborhood of Russian Hill

Russian Hill is an intimate residential neighborhood perched atop San Francisco’s highest hilltops. Russian Hill is also home to San Francisco’s world-renowned Lombard Street, where tourists can be found winding their way down its famed hairpin turns. Having lived in the area, expert Rob Landsness has plenty of real estate experience within Russian Hill.

Russian Hill is one of the most well-known neighborhoods in San Francisco.  From world-renowned, zigzagged Lombard Street to stairways in place of some steeper streets, its residents live a vibrant lifestyle. Its residents enjoy dazzling views of the city and the bay, as well as a multitude of popular restaurants, cozy cafés, unique shops, elegant antique stores, and home décor shops.  Cable cars, stairs built into the hillside sidewalks, and pedestrian-only lanes add to the neighborhood’s charming allure.

Things to Do in Russian Hill

This area was named for the Russian graveyard that was found there when Gold Rush settlers made it to that hill of San Francisco.  While the cemetery is no longer there, there has been a monument erected in memory of the Russian men who were once resting upon this hill.  There is the street car that runs along Hyde Street and you will find it swamped with tourists who are interested in viewing the sites and taking in the restaurants that are in this area of the city.  Sleek modern homes coupled with newly renovated Victorians and luxurious high-rises make finding a desirable residence easy, and the low crime rate makes the short walk to Hyde and Polk streets, the neighborhood’s commercial hubs, safe for families and singles alike.

Located at the northern foot of Russian Hill is the famed Ghiradelli Square, which is a shopping and eating plaza.  Throughout the hilly area of this San Francisco neighborhood are beautiful parks and other examples of nature that were landscaped alongside of streets and walking lanes.  This is one of the seven original hills of this city and it has views of many of the landmarks for which San Francisco is known.  You will have a variety of real estate options in this horticulture adorned hill, so you will be able to work with a professional in order to be housed as you wish.

Unique and Attractive Characteristics in Russian Hill

  • Stunning views
  • Cable Cars
  • Low crime rate
  • Lombard Street
  • Pedestrian only lanes
  • Multitude of classy restaurants and bars
  • High-end boutiques

Location of Russian Hill