Pacific Heights Real Estate

The Neighborhood of Pacific Heights

Pacific Heights is an neighborhood of San Francisco that is well known as one of the most coveted regions on America’s West Coast. Here you will find Pacific Heights real estate that it truly unique in both its architecture and location. While the neighborhoods desirability creates a large demand for PAcific Heights real estate, a quality agent can help you navigate either buying or selling in this special neighborhood. Having lived in the area, expert Rob Landsness has plenty of experience with Pacific Heights real estate and can help you find the perfect home. If you are at all interested in learning more about Pacific Heights real estate, please feel free to contact Rob as he would be happy to assist you.

Pacific Heights real estate is not just about fantastic homes and leafy drives but is also a neighbourhood rich in grand boutiques, quality food cafes, and the finest restaurants. Many of the homes here are very old but the value has always been at the top end of the housing market. Pacific Heights real estate homes are all about grand architecture and an area with great scenery and several well-manicured parks.

Pacific Heights Real Estate

The views from Pacific Heights real estate are legendary; from this neighborhood you can see the San Francisco Bay area, including the Golden Gate Bridge, the former Alcatraz Prison and the Palace of San Francisco Finer Arts. Pacific Heights real estate has been popular with the wealthy members of society dating all the way back to the late 19th century. At first Pacific Heights real estate consisted of a number of Victorian homes; many of these were rather small but as we moved into the 20th century some of the more grandeur buildings were being established. Fine dining and a lively social scene are enticing, but quick glance at some of the Pacific Heights real estate available in today’s market reveals some very grand properties.

Pacific heights real estate

Pacific Heights Real Estate Today

At the higher end of the Pacific Heights real estate market you will see five bedroom properties with six bathrooms on Sacramento Street. However, you will need a cool $5.6m in the bank if you want this property. The features of this outstanding real estate property include enough parking for eight cars, an outstanding office with south-facing views and an additional one-bedroom annexe which opens up onto a its own patio and balcony. This would be ideal to use as a granny flat or starter home for a teenage son or daughter.

Pacific Heights real estate has a number of properties always available on Jackson Street and Franklin Street; another two areas where you can have easy access to the city centre and harbour district. Regardless Pacific Heights offers many different styles of homes and you are sure to find something that suits what you are looking for.