Pac Heights Real Estate: Market Update

Pac Heights Real Estate

For decades, Pac Heights real estate has remained some of the most coveted in the San Francisco bay. Living in Pacific Heights is dream come true for the people because it is a wonderful and affluent neighborhood, well connected to the various parts of the city. Recently, Pac Heights real estate has witnessed an increase in its demand. This year’s median sales price is above 100,000 dollars ,which remains a decrease of about 7% from the past year but still far above San Francisco averages. Furthermore the average price of the house per square feet area has increased by about 4% recently. These statistics demonstrate the consistent popularity of Pac Heights real estate. Bush Street along with Presidio Avenue and Union Street remain some of the timeless localities that captivate the imagination of potential buyers.

When looking for Pac Heights real estate, agents provide a fantastic resource for potential buyers looking to gain insider market resources. Coming from a family of real estate investors, Rob has developed an intimate knowledge of the city having lived in various parts of the city over the years; including the Marina, Pacific Heights, and SOMA. If you are interested in learning more about Pac Heights real estate, please feel free to contact Pacific Heights veteren, Rob Landsness.

Appeal of Pac Heights Real Estate

There are many restaurants and shopping malls located along Fillimore Street. Furthermore, consulates of different countries, such as Germany, Italy, Greece and Russia, are located in the Pacific Heights. It persists as one of the posh locations in the city of San Francisco because residents can so shop at luxury stores like the Ralph Lauren and Athletica. Pac Heights real estate even offers fine dining at exclusive restaurants such as SPQR, Fresca, and Baker & Banker.

Due to the affluence of the Pac Heights real estate, it provides itself as the locations for many elite schools. Some of the famous institutions are Sacred Heart High School and San Francisco University High School. Pac Heights real estate even offers outstanding middle schools such as the Town School and Stuart Hall.

Homes of Pac Heights

Pacific Heights began a neighborhood with many Victorian homes, however with time, they were replaced by more modern homes. Despite that, hardwood flooring and the fireplaces are some of the common attributes that form an integral part aspect of Pac Heights real estate. Today some of the homes remains the most beautiful in the world, providing their homeowners a level of unparalleled luxury. Furthermore Pac Heights real estate is also complemented by offering listings in both the forms of condos and apartments. These condos can be quiet large and provide the perfect alternative for a buyer looking for less maintenance than a single family home. Versatility such as this truly makes Pac Heights real estate special.

Map and Borders of Pac Heights Real Estate