Three Reasons to Buy a Home NOW in San Francisco

Mortgage rates in the United States are currently at a record multi-generational low, and have consistently fallen for the last decade. Sitting at a startling 3.35% for a 30-year fixed loan, current mortgage rates present a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for anyone interested in purchasing real estate in San Francisco.

30 Year Fixed Rate Mortgage Average San Francisco Real Estate

There is reason to believe that this trend will continue throughout the year. Here are three reasons why you as a potential homebuyer should take advantage of current mortgage rates in the U.S.

Brexit San Francisco Mortgage Rates


While the feeling of crisis across the pond has begun to subside in recent weeks, the real effects of the UK’s historic decision have yet to present themselves. Still, experts understand that in times of economic volatility and uncertainty, mortgage rates tend to be lower. People scrambling to move their money from unpredictable stocks to more secure assets often look to 10-year treasury bonds. This pushes the yield rates of the bonds lower, which also happens to be the direct indicator of the level of mortgage interest rates that so often force people to rethink purchasing a house. As the effects of the BREXIT become more and more concrete, it is safe to assume more bonds will be purchased and the rate subsequently lowered as the year comes to a close.

SF Mortgage Rates

General Insecurity vs. the Local Situation

As paradoxical as it sounds, poor economic news worldwide and the global instability felt is good news for a homebuyer. The more unstable the world economy is, the more likely it is that interest rates will be low rather than high. San Francisco, meanwhile, is blossoming into a major competitor for New York City as a financial hub, adding to its reputation as the world’s technological giant. San Francisco is worth $208 billion—a figure expected to increase as people are continuously lured by the city’s opportunity. So, though the interest rate is incredibly low due to worldwide insecurity, San Francisco real estate remains highly valuable. Purchasing now means a low mortgage rate with an extremely high potential ceiling for the value of the property.

The Election Mortgage Rates

The Election

November represents a possible turning point in the overall trajectory of national and world politics and economic fortunes. With a close election in the offing there is no telling truly where the country could be headed in the year 2017 and beyond. This, once again, is a perfect time to take advantage of an opportunity that may come to pass with the current year. A new leadership regime in the United States could signify more stability or less stability worldwide, not only at home. This, much like the outcome of the election, is extremely unpredictable. Taking advantage of the here and now would be a prudent decision.

To summarize, this is a very good time to take advantage of mortgage rates. Numerous predictor algorithms, including those used by and, predict that the rate will be approaching 4% by this time next year and continue to increase in 2018. In other words, there is no time like the present! Whether you are a new home buyer or are curious what your home is worth, we are here to help. If you want to read more about some beautiful houses for sale in San Francisco, click here for more information. Contact me for a free consultation.


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