Cow Hollow San Francisco

Cow hollow

If you are looking for upscale shopping, dancing, eating, and drinking, then Cow Hollow in San Francisco is for you.  It is the home of the well-renowned Union Street, which houses some pretty high end shops.  It is no wonder that real estate in this sought after neighborhood between Russian Hill and The Presidio, while bordering the Marina District, is rather high dollar.

You can have access to breathtaking views and all sorts of venues, while living in a home that showcases the delightful architecture for which San Francisco is known.  If you enjoy living a hilly stroll away from tasty restaurants and a variety of night spots, then you will be thoroughly pleased with your decision to live in Cow Hollow.  From daily shopping to a yearly free festival, you can partake in all sorts of activities in your neighborhood.  High quality cosmetics, home furnishings, clothing, and kitchen tools are just a smattering of the wares that you can find in the shops up and down Union Street.

Imagine being able to treat your taste buds to culinary delicacies from unique eateries that are but a saunter away from your front door.  Quaint Asian bistros, a steakhouse that catches you by surprise, and other specialty haunts that offer sumptuous goodies meant to please your palate are what you can come across in your own neighborhood, if you live in Cow Hollow.  What about when you want to go to a bar or are in the frame of mind to get your dance on?  There are a number of establishments that can cater to those swings of the mood.  You can find cheap drinks at a low key watering hole, wine bar amusement when you’re feeling the grape and its fruity friends, or have a fun time on the dance floor.

You can bring your family and friends to a long standing bar & grill for eats and drinks, or visit one of the other two non-kid friendly joints nearby.  Not every neighborhood has this sort of entertainment positioned within it, so just know that real estate is priced according to the high desirability of living in this location.  The extraordinary views that are a part of the everyday scenery around Cow Hollow come with purchase prices that represent the posh, yet wholly San Franciscan, environment that it is.  Come to the location that was once important for the grazing of livestock and is now the setting for some of the most elegant homes among the steeply sloped streets of this world-renowned, California city.

There are also rental opportunities in Cow Hollow, but this is definitely an area of the city in which people prefer invest through the avenue of property ownership.  Fortunately, if you wish to stake your claim on a piece of this upper end San Francisco, you can turn to a real estate professional in order to find the best accommodations for your situation.  Then you can enjoy your days or nights out on your new town. Because of these reasons, Cow Hollow remains one of the most sought after neighborhoods for San Francisco real estate.