Channel Mission Bay, San Francisco: Live in Style

For information regarding listings,  contact the buying agent Rob Landsness. Channel Mission Bay: San Francisco's Newest Development Located a few blocks towards the south of Mission Bay Channel, a new apartment rental named Channel Mission Bay has taken shape. Right from the beginning of their construction, the Channel Mission Bay apartments were destined to be one of the most popular living spaces of San Francisco. The Channel Mission Bay apartments have taken the San Francisco Real Estate stage to the next level. This group of 315 newly constructed apartments is available at market … [Read more...]

Mortgage Interest Rates Head Higher?

It's hard to have missed the recent news: After a long, steady decline, mortgage interest rates have started ticking higher over the past couple of months. For the first time in nearly two years, 30-year fixed-rate mortgages have moved above four percent. And while no one knows for sure what the future holds, many economists and housing industry experts believe that interest rates could be heading higher from here. The rise in interest rates accelerated in recent weeks in response to comments by Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke that the Fed may begin tapering its aggressive bond-buying … [Read more...]

By the Numbers: A Closer Look at San Francisco’s Famous Piers

During World War II, nearly every pier in San Francisco was involved in military activities, with troop ships and naval vessels tied up all along the Embarcadero. Today, several have been transformed and developed into modern destinations for dining, shopping and enjoying views of the Bay. For a closer look at some of the most popular piers, we’ll start south and move north along the waterfront. Pier 30/32 - Fans are anxiously following along as San Francisco partners with the Golden State Warriors on a proposal to build a state of the art multi-purpose recreation and entertainment facility … [Read more...]

ICON Condos San Francisco

For more information regarding the ICON condos San Francisco, please contact the buying agent. ICON Condos San Francisco ICON located at 2229 Market Street, Castro, San Francisco is a recently launched high end residential condominium building represented by the Paragon Real Estate Group. The newly constructed 4 storey building has 18 luxury residences Eight 1- bedroom units Eight 2-bedroom units 2 townhouses Retail space on the ground floor that would house a new Bank of the West branch 14parking spots The smaller units start from 600 square feet and the larger units from … [Read more...]

America’s Cup

Here is a great video to show how team USA is gearing up for the America's Cup! … [Read more...]

Foodie Agenda: Sweets, Sips and More

Here's a weekly list of all the things happening at the culinary moment in San Francisco. Treat your taste buds to one of these mouthwatering events. Thursday, June 27 The Friends of the Golden Gate host their Third Annual FOGG Fest this weekend. The event features local food, s’mores, an open bar and live music by indie band Sonny & The Sunsets. Guests can also bid at a silent auction to win prizes such as Giants tickets, foodie gift bags, specialty coffee and more. The event is free for members of FOGG, and ticket prices includes a year membership. Tickets for non-members are $65. … [Read more...]

The America’s Cup

The America’s Cup is once again returning to San Francisco for a “Summer of Racing.” Opening day is July 4 with the competition and local festivities running through September 21. That means there are plenty of opportunities to head down to the water to watch the world’s fastest boats and best sailors in action. There are two main live sites that will be set up along the waterfront. The America’s Cup Park at Piers 27/29 is free to enter and features a daily, informative race show program (dock-out, dock-in, history, athlete interviews, autograph sessions, etc.). There will be a wide variety … [Read more...]

300 Ivy Condos

For information regarding listings, contact buying agents Rob Landsness and Silvia Damen.  300 Ivy Condos, Hayes Valley's Newest Development From the moment you lay eyes on the 300 Ivy condos, they will capture your heart with its authentic San Francisco charm.  300 Ivy Condos  were constructed in a collaboration effort with San Francisco’s own David Baker + Partners Architects in order to ensure a balance of substance and style at the highest quality, as well as a thoughtful design that reflects what 300 Ivy was designed to be: a home to inspire wellbeing and happiness.  As the designer … [Read more...]

Your Guide to Tenancy in Common Properties in San Francisco

With an 8-3 vote, San Francisco’s Board of Supervisors have just given initial approval to a piece of housing legislation that will allow for the conversion of thousands of tenancy-in-common (TIC) units into condominiums.  The structure of the TIC conversion system has been a source of contention between lawmakers and TIC residents for years.  Before this legislation was passed, TIC owners wishing to convert their units into condominiums were placed on a waiting list that allowed just 200 conversions annually.  Now, some 2,200 TIC owners have the option of paying a 20 thousand dollar … [Read more...]

What’s Trending in your Neighborhood?

San Francisco Real Estate In the last several months, the low supply and high demand for homes and condos in San Francisco have driven up real estate prices.  In this sellers' market, homeowners are receiving several offers on their properties, and the resulting bidding wars have allowed them to sell their homes for well above the asking price.  In May 2013, single-family homes in San Francisco sold for an average price of 1.43 million dollars, which is almost 29% higher than their average sale price just three years earlier.  Similarly, condominiums sold for an average of 979.5 thousand … [Read more...]

America’s Cup Drives Up Property Values in Marina District

From July 4th to September 21st, top skippers from around the world will be racing their high-tech sailboats around San Francisco Bay in pursuit of sailing’s oldest and most prestigious trophy: the America’s Cup.  A month from now, spectators from all corners of the globe will converge on San Francisco to watch their countries battle the Bay’s notorious winds in high speed, high stakes races. With the influx in wealthy foreign and domestic spectators has come the demand for unobstructed views of the America’s Cup course.  This high demand has driven prices sky high for homeowners looking to … [Read more...]

How to Get an Off Market Home

The news is out. Real estate is back. Homebuyers are in the game again, but they're facing a huge inventory shortage in most markets. Some buyers make three or four offers on homes, only to keep losing out to other buyers. In this tight market, buyers and real estate agents need to think outside the box. You may need to go after homes that aren't listed for sale. Here are five ways to do that. 1. Look for 'expired' and 'withdrawn' listings. A good agent will scour the MLS for homes that were listed in the recent past but never sold. Many homes failed to sell because they were seen as … [Read more...]

The Guide to Buying a Home in SF

You've decided the time has come to buy a place to live. Renting- that ability to have a place to live without substantial capital investment or responsibility- has lost its luster. You feel the need to have a place of your own. Maybe you just want a backyard to grow lettuces and raise chickens. Perhaps you have an urge to gut-renovate and live the "This Old House" life. Or you just feel more secure emotionally in a place that's yours (and commonly, The Bank, your invisible roommate) Be aware this overview is very San Francisco-centric. Here are some things you need to consider: The … [Read more...]

San Francisco Real Estate Tax

Because taxes are difficult to understand, I compesed a guidline to help my clients better understand San Francisco's real estate tax. San Francisco Real Estate Tax San Francisco real rstate tax is an ad Valorem tax. This means that the tax is based upon the value of the property. The rate of the tax is determined by the San Francisco County Assessor and applied to the net assessed value of the property. In determining the assessed value, the purchase price is used as the baseline by the state assessor. In the state of California, three categories of property are considered – the real, … [Read more...]

Fix This, Not That: Things to do Before You Sell

Online, you can find dozens and dozens of return-on-investment (ROI) calculators which aim to do the math on whether a given home improvement project is worth the money (or not). They tend to focus on how much of the remodeling spend will come back to you in the form of added value when the home is sold.  I submit that this is only one part of the equation, as the primary measurement for many home improvement projects should be tallied up in terms of lifestyle improvement over the years you plan to benefit from the increased comfort, joy or efficiency of your newly-improved … [Read more...]

SF Property

In this SF property report I can give you a brief overview of particular sections of the San Francisco real estate market.  This information comes from fellow agents and is the most recent market analysis of SF property. San Francisco Lakeside We are definitely seeing more listings and the inventory is growing but still remarkably below levels to indicate a balanced market. Multiple offers prevail. One property that had been overlooked at its initial price, took a 5% price reduction and then sold with multiple offers 10% above the new price with at least 2 offers in that higher range. Over … [Read more...]

Know Your Mortgage!

Mortgages a Tough Business It’s no secret that securing a mortgage today is a difficult task. Unless you pay with cash, you’re going to need a mortgage if you want to buy a house. The unlikelihood of a cash purchase leaves house shoppers scrambling to find a lender. There are a number of people you can hire that will attempt to find you a mortgage. Mortgage brokers make up the majority of lenders, more than half, in fact. A mortgage broker acts as an agent between a lender and borrower. Different brokers have different lending contacts, so be sure to do your homework on who you’re hiring. … [Read more...]

Selling Your Home: The Home Stretch

Appraisal: If your buyer is financing any part of the purchase, expect someone to come by and decide how much your property is worth. Basically, they are verifying the amount of risk the bank is willing to take. An experienced realtor should be able to determine if your listing price will align with an appraisal, and that's key to your pricing strategy- if your property is over-priced, your buyer may not be able to get a mortgage. What's all this going to cost? As part of the worst-case scenario, figure out what all this will cost, and whether your finances are liquid enough. You may look … [Read more...]